Grey Cup Blues in the Hammer

Grey Cup Blues in the Hammer

The 107th Grey Cup in Calgary between The Hamilton Tiger-Cats and the Winnipeg Blue Bombers was going to end the long dry spell of championship glory for any of the 2 teams on the field at McMahon Stadium. For the Ti-Cats a 20 year drought and redemption from the 2014 heartbreak involving Brandon Banks return touchdown that was called off in the dying minutes of the game, while the Bombers were looking to win and end a 29 year drought. What was expected to be a Tiger Cat crowning moment for a tremendous season finishing with the best record in the league with a 15-3 year, and the best defense in the league. Hamilton had beaten the Bombers twice in the regular season on July 26th 23 to 15 and then again on September 27th 33-13 both games with a big blowout, so obviously many critics putting them on top and heavily favorites to win it all on Grey Cup night.

Winnipeg however had a different ending in mind leaving behind a low lustre season with an 11 to 7 performance in the league. They went on to win the western final over the Saskatchewan Roughriders 20-13 and winning the final 33 -12 over the favorite Tiger-Cats. Things started off pretty bad for the Cats in the first quarter, first few minutes with a turnover from a fumble resulting in a play for a touchdown and it was all uphill for the Cats from that play forward. The Tiger Cats could not find any solutions to the defense brought on by the Bombers who sacked Quarterback Dane Evans 7 times, 2 interceptions, 2 turnovers, and 3 failed third down attempts.

A bad ending for a great season for Hamilton was not what many had envisioned especially not in the manner and performance witnessed in Calgary. Sports has a very humbling nature and has a way of demonstrating that the best is not always the strongest and smartest, sometimes it displays that desire and hunger are driving forces to reckon with, and the Blue Bombers came out to play for a championship with heart and hunger on the field.