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Hamilton FC Team first experience at

Futsal Canada Champions Tournament 2016

Mayo, 2016.- Futsal has been very popular in Latin America and Europe not so much in Canada where the preferential choice to practice soccer is indoors during the winter months. The sport has been generating a preferential choice for individuals that want to develop better techniques and skills since it is regarded by some to enhance the game of passing, ball control and dribbling along with creativity due to its fast paced plays and small court when compared to indoor soccer in hockey rinks or indoor fields. The sport dates back to the early 1930’s in Uruguay created by Juan Carlos Ceriani Gravier for recreation purposes at the YMCA with the purpose to keep playing the game of soccer in any kind of weather.

Futsal may or may not be completely new to you but believe it or not it has been around in Canada since the early 80s with local leagues spreading across the country, and it is quickly developing a strong following in major cities, especially Toronto and a new league in Hamilton. Recently an all-star team (Hamilton FC) comprised of local youths who have been playing in the Hamilton area were invited to participate in the Futsal Canada Champions Tournament 2016 held in Kingston during the weekend of April 16-17. From their 3 games scheduled in the tournament they won 1, a good result considering their first tournament experience and a newly formed team. The tournament was won by Toronto United Futsal team in the men’s competition.  The annual competition on its third year had 14 teams participating from 9 different leagues mainly from Ontario and Quebec.

On a national level in international competition Canada’s futsal team will be playing a two game tournament in May against the US to determine who will advance to the CONCAF championship in Costa Rica setting its sights on Colombia 2016. FIFA Futsal World Cup will be held in Colombia September 10-October 1 2016.

Hamilton FC Team members: Jakub Penicka, Eric Griffin, Arnoldo Ramírez, Santiago Restrepo, John Kenneth, Samuel Kenneth, Hugo De La Rosa, Leonel De La Rosa, Daniel Arcila, Cristian Montoya y Julian Arcila. 

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